ProDesk3D 3D Printer Review

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ProDesk3D printer is developed by BotObjects. The company which is also involved in the software development can produce simple and easy-to-use software for 3D printing. If you are looking for a full color 3D printer that can be used for both personal and business use, you can opt for ProDesk3D printer.



  • Max printing speed: 175mm/s
  • Usable filament sizes: 1.75mm
  • Material: PLA, PVA, ABS
  • Unit dimensions are: 47.5 x 36.5 x 36.5 cm
  • Price:

ProDesk3D (Standard Edition) $2,849*
ProDesk3D Blue (Limited Edition) $3,349*

(* early order price)

 Available: October 2013


More about ProDesk3D printer

ProDesk3D printer comes with a maximum print speed of 175 mm/s. The printing accuracy in the z direction is 25 microns. The plug and play facility will let you use the printer in a simple way. It is possible to produce high quality objects at great surface finish. It has tri-fan air system and dual extruder head. The build platform comes with auto leveling system. The dimensions of the build platform are 3oomm x 275 mm x 275 mm. The filament can support PLA, PVA and ABS. The diameter of the filament is 1.75 mm.

The full color ProDesk3D printer supports the FDM based printing system. It has 5 color PLA cartridge systems. The printer comes with software that is compatible with PC and Mac. You can monitor the cartridge consumption through the auto-detection method. It is easy to set up through Auto set up wizard. The 3D printer is available for sale at $2849.


ProDesk3D Standard vs. ProDesk3D Blue

There is no major difference in terms of capabilities between ProDesk3D Standard and ProDesk3D Blue. ProDesk3D Blue will come with additional exterior characteristics. You will also get two color cartridge sets and two material support cartridges along-with the ProDesk3D Blue printer.



It is required to change the cartridges as per the consumption. The 5 color cartridge along-with the support material is available at $49.95. As a matter of fact, 180 meters length of filament (1.75mm) will fit in one cartridge system.


Why should you choose ProDesk3D Printer?

ProDesk3D Printer comes with the industry leading results. The printer can deliver a high quality finish and smoothness. The material will give great strengths. It is possible to create new objects at lightening speeds and at great accuracies. You will be able to load various kinds of designs and new objects can be printed in a matter of few clicks and few seconds. It is possible to develop seamless products through easy to use software.

The software conceals all the high-end technical jargon and it is very easy for novice to follow the instructions. ProDesk3D Printer comes in a safe and sturdy design. It has Aluminum casing will let you detach the Printer from the kit. The printer sets new standards in the 3D printing world. In addition to the PLA and PVA materials, you can print on ABS material in a comfortable manner.

The build platform has fast calibration system. The set up can be achieved in an automatic form. By using ProDesk3D Printer, you can combine primary colors of your choice and it is possible to achieve high quality 3D prints.



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