Printed Toys with 3D Printer Ideas

What is expected to be a minor aid in the manufacturing sector has become a great a major trend setter. This is the success story of 3D printing technologies and 3D printers. The whole world is looking with awe and excitement to harness the great potential of 3D printers. As industrial revolution has begun in 1900’s, it is the 3D revolution in 2000’s. The revolution is set to sweep nations, societies and cultures. The technology is all set for consolidation with various branches of science and art using 3D printers for a variety of reasons.


3D in manufacturing

3D printing will certainly change the way the manufacturing will happen in future. There are certain advantages with 3D printing. If you have a digital file which contains all the instructions, you can print an object with the help of a 3D printer. It is all set to change the scenario in the medical field, product development and prototype creation. Various kinds of technologies are used to print objects in 3D. Some kinds of printing technologies are SLA and FDM. The material will be present in cartridges before sending the output to the printer.

Hundreds of thousands of layers are printed until the complete shape is formed. The entire process will be controlled through a program that is resident in the computer. The computer program will guide the printer so that masterpieces are created with absolute precision and workmanship. Of course, there are certain kinds of designs which cannot be done through 3D printing as they need special mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.


Printing of toys

In the beginning 3D printing technology was intended to produce small components and parts in manufacturing industries. Instead of creation of machine parts on a large scale through traditional manufacturing methods, you can produce small lots of products through 3D printing. It is quite feasible, quick and efficient. It is even possible to print one or two objects through 3D printing. And there is no limit to the kind of toys that you can produce through 3D printers.

If you are artistic enough to generate ideas and when the ideas are converted into design files which will be processed by 3D printers, you can create great master pieces. A wide variety of toys can be produced in various colors, sizes and shapes. Toys can be prepared by impregnating your face on top of the head as well. This will be done after capturing your face with SLR cameras in various angles. The images are processed through digital processing systems so that equivalent 3D structure will be created through the printer.

You can produce various character models through 3D technology. It is possible to create a replica of any object, man or machine. The entertainment industry is all set to go to new heights with the utilization of technology in various ways. 3D printers are used in preparation of various costumes, dolls and toys in various shades and sizes. With further research, the 3D printing machines will be available at household levels as well.



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