Is 3D Printing For Me?

3D printing – Now and Future

The evolutionary 3D printing has reached a level of sophistication where 3D printers are available for both personal and commercial uses. If you have gone through the articles or videos, you might have noticed the great benefits of 3D printers. 3D printers will give an absolute free hand to produce objects of your choice. In fact, there is no limitation on the kind of three dimensional objects that you can produce through 3D printers. It is possible to print a gun through your 3D personal printer.



At present, low cost 3D printers are available in the price ranging from $500 to $800. The use of highly sophisticated technology will let you produce a 3D object of any size and shape. The consumer will be able to enjoy self designed products instead of depending on the market driven technologies. If you have a 3D printer at home, you will not want to purchase items from the store. You will just go for the required design and the object will be produced right in your own home.

Even though 3D printers are available for businesses, these printers will be available to everyone in the coming days. The consumer will get the ability to produce an object of his or her choice in real-time. The time gap between conversions of thought to product will be a matter of few seconds.


Usefulness of technology

By using the 3D printing technology, it is possible to create prototypes of objects. Businesses can convince their customers quite easily by creating customized prototypes. Great artistic designs can be accomplished in various fields including jewelry, automotive, aerospace, education, geography and civil engineering.



It is true that 3D printing has revolutionized the production of 3 dimensional objects. Form 1 printer is a high quality 3D printer. However, the price of the printer is very high. The printer is priced at $3299. The print material is available at $149 per liter. The software can be downloaded free of cost. It will be available to everyone when there is a large scale adoption by the industry. With further research and advancement technologies, it is possible to produce high quality 3D objects at an affordable price. The product will reach an affordable stage when 3D printers are adapted by industries of various sizes. It will take few more years to reap the benefits of 3D printers by ordinary men. If there are great efforts from companies like Formlabs, the popularity of 3D printers will further extend to home level.


Further developments

A lot of physical space, money and manpower is required to produce various kinds of objects. The licensing system is present so that it is not possible to produce an object of your choice. These are things of the past. The current generation and the coming generations are privileged to produce 3D objects of their choice in their own homes. A new industrial revolution has begun with the introduction of 3D printers. It is going to change the quality of life to a great extent.



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