on 3D Printing

3D printing is one of the hot topics that are being discussed these weeks. It is also called as additive manufacturing as the 3D object is the culmination of addition of hundreds of thousands of layers. The technology has a great future and as new printers are launched into the market, the prominence of printing technology is growing all the more than before. Even though the technology was on the anvil for quite a few years, there is growing focus and media attention on the topic because of the ability to print a weapon like a gun. With the addition of political colors for legislation and anti-legislation, the news has become the hotspot of the press.


Who got rich?

When an analysis was made by Forbes to figure out who got rich quickly, the 3D printer manufacturing companies have topped the list. There is an impressive performance with the sudden rise of great demand for the 3D printers. In fact, the hype that was created through the media and politicians has done well for 3D printer manufacturing companies. There are companies whose share value doubled in just three months. For example, the ExOne share which traded at $18 in February, 2013 has grown up to $45 in a matter of 3 months. Obviously, the customers who had locked their investments with 3D printer manufacturing will be profited.


Why 3D printing is so attractive?

Even though 3D printing was coined to produce objects that benefit the manufacturing industry, it is being used for various personal and business applications. The availability of machines is increasing as more and more companies are entering the fray to produce world class 3D printers. The 3D manufacturing companies have reached a certain level of sophistication and it is giving room for the production of a wide variety of items.

It has become a colorful world with the release of printers of various sizes, shapes and capacities into the market by various companies. Equally encouraging response has come from both the individual and institutional customers. Even though the price range has not reached a level where the 3D printer can intrude every household, it is poised to achieve the distinction in the coming years. There is a great deal of change in the way printers are manufactured and customized as per the customer’s requirements.


Bounty of objects

If you have access to 3D printer, you can print an object of your choice within minutes. It is the best playground to apply your creativity and witness results in a quick span of time. With innovative customers, the prominence of 3D printers is growing. What was a science fiction at one point of time in the yester years has become a reality. It has created great pain to the law enforcement agencies as well. The current generation 3D printers can successfully print a 3D gun. It has become a great concern for authorities and lot of debate is going on in political circles. If the freedom for exploration and manufacture of 3D printers continue, there will be great changes on earth and space.



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