Factors Affecting 3D Printing Costs

3D Printing costs will depend on various factors which include the cost of the Printer, the material used for printing, technology and time taken to print an object. The demand for 3D printers is ever growing. In tune with the demand a number of machines are being launched by various brands. Printers are used both for personal use and business use. The cost of the machine will also depend on the way the layers are produced. The unique advantage with the 3D printers is that it is possible to produce certain shapes in a better way through the 3D printing process rather than through the traditional manufacturing process. It is also possible to avoid labor intensive process and the surface and finish and accuracy that can be obtained through 3D printers is very higher than the handmade objects.



The 3D printing system is quite affordable and because of this fact, a number of entrepreneurs are adapting to fulfill their object creation requirements. At the moment, the 3D printers cannot be availed at the individual level. Further enhancements in technology will certainly help produce 3D printers at affordable prices. The days are not so far when you will be able to pick a 3D printer along-with other necessary stationary items. The 3D printers will be available at small retailers as well in the coming days.

Low quality 3D printers are available in the price range of $500 to $800. If you want high quality 3D printers that deliver great results, you should go for $1500 and above. It is very difficult for an individual to invest $1500 or more for a 3D printer. It is going to impact the society in a greater way when 3D printer is available to average households so that guns can be printed in their own houses.


Approximate cost per printed object

The cost of the printed object will depend on the complexity of the object. It is not only the volume of material but also the time taken to print an object will influence the cost. The complexity of the 3D object will decide the cost of the printed object.


Colors refills

Colors refills are available at affordable prices. The availability of refills will depend on the kind of 3D printer that you are using. If you purchase a 3D printer that is not supported after sales, you should invest higher amounts towards maintenance and purchase of refills. It is easy to produce 3D objects in various colors. If you want to make any change, the same can be accomplished by making changes in the software program. Thus, quick prototypes can be produced. The cost per object will be less when you would like to take advantage of custom production.

The ABS and PLA plastic are about $30 to $50 per kilogram. One filament can be used for two months. It will also depend on the kind of objects that you will print to the 3D printer. If you can purchase a 3D printer that works at high speed, you can save a lot of money.


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