3D Printer Mission in Space in 2014

As man landed on the moon for the first time in 19xx, it is going to be the first mission for 3D printer in 2014. The 3D printer is all set to print some object of the earth and it is going to create a history. NASA in association with another partner, Made in Space has plans to introduce the 3D printer in its pursuance of further exploration... Read more →

3D Printer to the Doctor’s and Boy’s Rescue

The technology which was intended to be used in the manufacturing sector has given life to a boy. The research on 3D printing is going at a great pace and number of companies is involved in the 3D printing research domain. Even though the development of technology is explored for a certain purpose, there is nothing wrong to use the same for... Read more →

3D Printing Technology is All Set to Revolutionize The World

3D printing which was on the rolls for the past 10 years has reached a stage where the excitement takes new turns on every day. 3D printers are all set to change the way we live on the earth and enjoy the life. The new technology will influence the way the manufacturing sector will accomplish the production of various kinds of items. Instead... Read more →

Impact of 3D Printed Prosthetics on Human Life

3D printing technology can be used for both good and bad. While the media and certain sections of society are scared about the inadvertent use of technology for the production of guns, you should forget the positive aspects of the emerging technology. Recently, a small air passage part was printed by doctors (in emergency situations) and the... Read more →

Forbes.com on 3D Printing

3D printing is one of the hot topics that are being discussed these weeks. It is also called as additive manufacturing as the 3D object is the culmination of addition of hundreds of thousands of layers. The technology has a great future and as new printers are launched into the market, the prominence of printing technology is growing all the... Read more →

Printed Gun – Science Fiction to Reality

Printed gun is the latest buzz in the  brainiacs world. What was perceived to be a science fiction has become a reality. While it is a great deal of freedom and excitement for hobbyists, it is a great menace to digest the reality for authorities. As per the information leaked from the Department of Homeland Security, the authorities are very... Read more →