Afinia 3D Printer Review

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Afinia was founded in the year, 2009. The company was established to produce best in class 3D objects. It is the subsidiary of Microboards Technology which was established in 1989. The company has visualized the 3D printing prospects and has devised a strategy to produce a world class 3D printer at an affordable price. The Afinia 3D printer is available at $1599 (H-series). When you order the product from the site, you will also get easy to use free software along with the printer. Other inclusions are handling tools and ABS starter pool (1.5 kg). The printer can be transported quite easily as it weighs just 5 kilograms.



Afinia 3D printer software can be installed very easily. You can take 3D prints at an affordable price as the ABS filament is available at a very less price. You can procure ABS filament at $31.99 per kg. The printer can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can print or prototype 3D object up to 5 cubic inches.

It is possible to produce 3D objects whose accuracy will be of the order of 0.15 mm. The objects’ strength will be 30% of the strength that is achieved through injection molded objects. Layouts can be created very easily using the user-friendly 3D software. As soon as you calibrate the printhead height, you will be able to take 3D prints. STL files can be imported quite easily. The support material can be removed very easily.

The Afinia 3D printer gives you great flexibility to create designs. The code can be downloaded from the web and you can import to the software. You can use a number of online software tools for this purpose. Professional software such as SolidWorks also can be used. The greatest advantage with the Afinia 3D printer is that you can use high quality filament available at a very low price. The filament colors supported by the printer are natural, black, red, blue, yellow and green.



• The weight of the printer is less than 11 lbs (5 kgs).

• Footprint 245 x 260 x 350 mm

• 5 cubed inches of printing envelope



• Easy to set up and use

• Easy to install the software

• Great customer support

• Can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems

• Easy to control, duplicate and scale parts

• Complete flexibility in creation of digital files

• Support for various kinds of design software

• Inexpensive printing

• Variety of filament colors

• Easy to transport



• The software cannot be tinkered with your expertise



Afinia 3D printer will let you start manufacturing at your home. The product was launched by the company after making lots of changes to the earlier models. The overall experience with the machine will be quite smooth. It is made in such a way that you will be able to print 3D objects in a short span of time. The cost per object will be less and you can take advantage of the low cost filament.



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