3D Printing Technology is All Set to Revolutionize The World

3D printing which was on the rolls for the past 10 years has reached a stage where the excitement takes new turns on every day. 3D printers are all set to change the way we live on the earth and enjoy the life. The new technology will influence the way the manufacturing sector will accomplish the production of various kinds of items. Instead of mass production of items, you can go for small production. It is even possible to print just one 3D object by using a 3D printer.


Mass scale to solo

Earlier under the mass scale production system in manufacturing systems, it was not feasible to produce even a few hundreds of components without compromising on the price. The 3D technology is quite promising in this direction where it is possible to change the design with each and every article that is printed through the printer. There will be variation in size, shape and color. The perfection can be attained to produce a single 3D object as well.

It is not required to prepare a mold so that the new object will be produced. On the other hand, the 3D technology will work in another direction wherein hundreds of thousands of layers of material will be formed to print a single object. Because of the high flexibility, the 3D printer is being explored for use in space as well. It can save millions of dollars of expensive space journeys if a part can be printed while being on the space station itself.


Breaking the ice

3D technologies are emerging in such a way that it is possible to produce any kind of object in future. For example, it is possible to print a printer with a 3D printer. The Center for Bits and Bytes has done some pioneering work on 3D technologies. The technology was in use by designers for more than 20 to 30 years. The real progress is witnessed with the launch of printers by number of companies in recent past. Interestingly, the 3D printer has become a great aid for an entrepreneur as well as hobbyists. Hence, 3D printers are marketed for personal use as well.

The availability of 3D printing kits has further reduced the cost of the printer. It is possible to get a cheap printer in the price range of $500 and $800. The premium 3D printers are available for commercial applications. These are well received by various entrepreneurs so that they can print a prototype of the object very quickly and will be able to convince clients quite easily.


The future

As computer aided technology has changed the way and engineer and architect works on various kinds of designs, 3D printing has changed the way manufacturing engineers and designers work in their respective field. The 3D printer is explored for preparation of food, clothing and shelter. The only exception is that it cannot produce water. 3D printing technology is a great opportunity for tech savvy entrepreneurs and individuals.



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