3D Printed Pizza by NASA

When you think out of the box, there is no limit for fun and excitement that you can deliver through life. The same is true with the invention and utilization of technology. What is intended for the manufacture of goods in the industry is being coined to cook food in your kitchen. This is true with the NASA experiment to produce pizza with the help of a 3D printer. If this is realized, you will enjoy delicious pizzas not only on earth but in the space as well.


Need for 3D printing

You might wonder the necessity of deployment of a 3D printer for the production of pizza in space. Pizza has the qualities to stay long without going through the deterioration. Thus, it is suitable for self-assembly and it can be printed quite easily with the help of a 3D printer. The printer is poised to prepare the pizza in a matter of 30 minutes. As per the news, the contract goes to Systems & Material Research. The company has to produce the pizza as per NASA’s requirements and the project is worth of $125,000.


How it is possible?

It is possible to print a 3D pizza as all the required material will be supplied in powder form. The required constituents for pizza such as carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients will be stored in various cartridges after removing the moisture from the ingredients. If the moisture is removed the shelf life will be up to 30 years.

The 3D printer which will be developed by Systems & Material Research will be able to produce various kinds of food items. As the food will be prepared in hundreds of thousands of layers, you will have absolute control on the number of calories that you will supply to your body. The cartridges will be prepared to hold various kinds of ingredients in powder form. The pizza that is going to be printed through the 3D printer might not have the cheese. Instead it will be topped up with some concoction.


Future of 3D printed food

Whether you will be interested or not, you will get an option to get 3D printed food right on earth. It might help the world which is bustling with increased population. The 3D printing technology might be utilized for food production so that the resources can be used at optimum levels. The unique advantage with the 3D printed food is that the food can be customized as per the individual’s requirements.

If you are suffering from diabetes or heart ailments, it is possible to control the ingredients to the maximum potential. Similarly, if you are a sports person where a lot of exertion is involved, proteins and vitamins can be supplied at matching levels. It is possible to include various kinds of algae and insects in the production of food items as everything will be in powder form.

Hence, you should gear up to face the new technology which is not only used for the printing of destructive weapon such as a gun but also a productive aid, staple food.



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