Cloning Through 3D Printing

3D printers are used to perform a wide variety of jobs. In addition to the production of parts and tools, the technology went far beyond where it is possible to clone human figure. A Japanese company, Clone Factory has reached a milestone whereby it will produce a doll where your face will be printed intact. It will be a great masterpiece that you can cherish all through your life.


The Process

The cloning process is accomplished by Clone Factory by taking the snaps of the subject in various angles through SLR cameras. A digital map will be created by using the set of snaps. A 3 dimensional image will be rendered by a technician. The rendered image will be produced through the plaster. The number of layers of ink will be formed on top of the plaster and it is possible to reproduce your exact face.

There is great demand for cloning of heads in Japan. The facility enables to preserve the replica of a Japanese woman on special occasions. For example, there will be lots of makeup, hair styles and jewelry on the wedding day. The original image can be preserved in a 3 dimensional format for many years. This is really exciting and it is a new leap in the technological front. Gone were the days where the only 2D photo was the maxim. With the introduction of 3D printers, the limitations are erased in various fronts. The technology is used to enhance one’s life and many more new possibilities are explored.


Disadvantages with 3D clones

As long as the 3D clones are used for the right purpose there will not be any difficulty. You will enjoy the great creativity and the real you beside you. You can prepare a toy with your own face and you can keep it with you or you can gift to those who love you. On the other hand, if there is misuse of the technology, the 3D image can be used to pull down your reputation. It is hard to take back certain things from others. Hence, the users of technology should behave in mature ways so that others’ integrity and reputation will not be spoiled.


Advantages of 3D cloning

There are advantages with the 3D cloning as well. It is possible to utilize 3D prints of various species and plants so that they can be used in the education sector. The samples and replicas can be shown to students so that they will understand about the environment and the items in a better way. In fact, 3D


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