Printed Gun – Science Fiction to Reality

Printed gun is the latest buzz in the  brainiacs world. What was perceived to be a science fiction has become a reality. While it is a great deal of freedom and excitement for hobbyists, it is a great menace to digest the reality for authorities. As per the information leaked from the Department of Homeland Security, the authorities are very much concerned that there is nothing that can be done to stop downloads of printed gun design. It is almost impossible to limit the 3D gun prints.

printed gun


There are significant advancements in 3D technologies. The printing capabilities were enhanced with the latest 3D printers. As per latest information and analysis, it is reported that gun files are downloaded for a record number of times in recent days. The files can be searched with a simple Google search and it is possible to print a 3D gun right at your home (provided you have a 3D printer). There were efforts to promulgate legislation so that printing of 3D guns by using 3D printers will become illegal. Even though there are stringent measures to stop the printing of guns, there might be some delay and inconvenience. However, it will be difficult to stop printing altogether.


At the moment, there are laws to curb the illegal download of music through the internet. However, the spread of music, videos and movies is happening in various ways. It is very difficult to figure out the culprit and when an activity happens on a large scale, it is very difficult to stop or police the action. In the same lines, 3D printed gun design files are available through internet in various ways. It is very difficult to keep them away from the virtual source.


A success story

Cody R. Wilson, a 25 year old law student of the University of Texas has a passion for technology. He is very much delighted to use the 3D printer that he had acquired for a new purpose. The knowledgeable guy has possessed information about various kinds of guns, receivers, magazines, barrels and springs. He had a better idea about the lower receiver used by Defense Distributed. The lower receiver is the part that houses the majority of the components of the gun. As per government’s rules, the lower receiver is also considered as gun and hence cannot be possessed or printed. Wilson has pursued the 3D printing process and he has acquired enough wisdom and skills to print various parts that will be used in guns.

The story indicates the capability of a novice to develop weapons independently. If you can manage a high quality 3D printer and right set of deign (Computer Aided Design) files, the gun can be printed within few hours. For example, Wilson prints a 3D file in a matter of 7 hours. It is true that there might be some drawbacks and hiccups in the printing process. With positive spirit Wilson was able to find the drawbacks and he is able to overcome the failures by striving for better designs.




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