DIY 3D Printers Review

Printer kits are available under DIY mode. You can procure these printers which are available commercially. As these printers are not in assembling form, the user should have the patience to assemble and calibrate printers as per the instructions. It will be a fascinating journey for those are really interested to know the in and out of the 3D printer. For hobbyists, it gives a sense of joy and fulfillment when they can go through DIY 3D printer kits. The user will get intimate knowledge about the 3D printer that he or she is using.


• Intimate association with the printer

• Can be assembled by you

• Wide range of models

• Customization to your taste

• Can be explored to your full potential



• Should be knowledgeable to assemble the parts

• Should be patient enough to troubleshoot the errors


Printrbot 3D printers

Printrbot 3D unassembled printer kits are available in various price ranges, starting at $399 up to $799. For example, unassembled Printrbot jr will cost you $399. The model is available with 1.75 mm Ubis hot end (assembled version is offering 1.75 mm or 3mm). This 3D printer is small, simple and affordable.

The printer is not provided with a heated platform. You can only process PLA but not ABS. It is a safe choice when you have kids at home as PLA comes with biodegradable material. Moving in the Z-axis are very much simplified. The build volume of the printer is 4” x 4” x 4” (aprox. 10 x 10 x 10 cm). The overall weight of the printer is less than 3 kgs (6.3 lbs) (excluding the power supply).


Portabee 3D printers

Portabee 3D printers are also available in assembled and unassembled form. Unassembled kit is priced at $499 and assembled version at $699. The advantages of Portabee 3D printers are they are very much affordable. These are refined models. You can print your innovative ideas at a very less cost through Portabee 3D printers. There are number of satisfied customers who had enjoyed the assembly as well as printing experience. You can carry the parts in a laptop bag and you can assemble the parts at a different location quite successfully. The printer takes power from the laptop. The weight of the machine is 2,8 kgs (6.2 lbs).


RepRapPro Huxley Printers

RepRapPro Huxley printers which are available in the unassembled kit form contain various parts. The kit includes hardware, programmed electronics, adapter, microSD card, PCB built surface (in heated form), motors, nozzles, PLA filament of 1.75 mm diameter and power supply. The build volume of the printer is 140 mm x 140 mm x 110 mm. It can support printing materials that include ABS, PLA and thermoplastic. The interface for computers will be USB. You can produce objects at 0.1 mm accuracy. The deposition rate is 33 cubic centimeters per hour. Print parts will be moved smoothly through the additional enhancements that were made on both X and Y axis.



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