Cheapest 3D Printers on Market

3D printers are all set to revolutionize the world we live. The technology is growing at a great pace and 3D printing revolution is compared to the PC revolution of 1980’s. The 3D printer cost is decreasing gradually and cheap printers are introduced into the market to attract all kinds of customers. Some of the worthy products that can be considered are Makibox, Printrbot and Portabee.


Makibox 3D printer

Makibox which will be launched by end of year will be one of the best and cheap 3D printers in the market. It will be priced at $200 when the printer is told in the kit form. The printer can deliver decent quality 3D prints. Makibox has the capacity to produce high quality prints. Even though it will create noise through the motors, the product is worth the price.


Printrbot 3D printer

Printrbot which comes under Printrbot kits will cost you $299. You can easily assemble the printer and you can use it quite productively. The printer will give let you start 3D printing journey with minimum requirements. It will not have all the bells and whistles to be a full-fledged 3D printer. It should not be a big deal when you get a decent 3D printer for just $299.

printrbot simple 3d printer

You can print object at 0.1 resolutions and beyond. The kit includes printboard electronics. No heat bed is included and it can accommodate PLA only. The printer offers 1.75 Ubis hot ends. It can work on the power supply of a laptop at 12V and 6 Amp. The dimensions of the printer are 17,8cm” x 20,3cm x 22,9cm. The total weight of the printer is 2,4 kgs (5.2 lbs). You can purchase the printer at $299 plus the shipping cost. You can follow the instructions as laid down by the manufacturer and you can certainly make the most from the 3D printer.


Portabee 3D printer

Portabee is the first portable 3D printer that gave maximum convenience to users. Parts can be printed in various colors including white, yellow, blue, red and green. When you order the product you can include the material of your choice up to 1 kg. The unit can be disassembled in a matter of minutes and you can carry it in your laptop bag. The printer weight is 2.8 kilograms. There are a number of opportunities with the Portabee printer. The build volume of the printer is 120 x 120 x 120 mm. The printer comes with linear bearings on all axes. Printbed is also included as part of the design. The precision of the nozzle is 0.5 mm.

portabee 3d printer

If you are a designer, you can print a sample at the customer premises and you can convince the customer quite easily. The printer can be used in education sector so that it can be used to educate students and to take care of various kinds of new projects. If you are an artist, it is possible to convert your thoughts into reality while having a cup of coffee.



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