4 Top 3D printing Software Reviews

3D printing software plays an important role in the creation of 3D objects. By using highly sophisticated software, it is possible to produce three dimensional objects that are closer to the original objects. If you can strike a deal through the software, it is a matter of a few minutes or hours to produce the real 3D object. Hence, the software plays an important role. You should select the most appropriate 3D printing software so that you will be able to accomplish wide varieties of objects.

You can use a 3D modeling software to design new objects. On the other hand, you can scan objects by using a 3D scanner. When you scan object through a 3D printer, equivalent 3D digital file will be produced. If you have access to the code, it is possible to print 3D objects through the appropriate 3D printer.

When you go through 3D modelers, there will be a number of features. In addition to ray tracers a number of alternate rendering techniques are used to create three dimensional objects. There are tools that allow you to create complete motion video as well. You can take advantage of the texture mapping facilities available with 3D modeling software.


How to select the best 3D printing software?

In order to select the best 3D printing software for your requirements, you are advised to go through the online reviews. If you know various features and go through the demo of a product, you will make an informed choice. Some of the most popular brands that have established a level of sophistication are Sketchup, Blender, Tinkercad and Openscad.

There are a number of easy to use 3D design software. Some of them include ReplicatorG, Wings3D, sculptris, Autodesk123D, pov-ray, FreeCAD, HeeksCAD and artofillustration. If you are new to the world of 3D printing, you can go through these open source tools. Some are available through the browser and others can be used after downloading the software and installing on your computer.


Variety of objects through 3D printing software

If you go through artofillustration, you can create original drawings and watercolor various objects. Free tools can be explored for education purpose and it is a great way to improve the imaginative skills of your children. Sculptris opens the door to the world of digital art without any limits. Even if you are a novice, you can create great sculpted objects through the software. You are not required to have in-depth technical knowledge to accomplish this task. In fact, you can go through the videos and start your journey in the world of 3D. Before installing the software, you can go through the specifications so that you can make the most from your computer.

Some of the worthy commercial modeling software includes rhino, Lightwave, cinema4D, AutoCAD, Inventor, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Creo, Modo, ZBrush, Mathematica and Solidworks. All the limitations that you face on open source can be overcome through the commercial software. While some applications are used for creation of digital videos and animations others can be used to load into 3D printers. Most of the applications will let you customize them so that you can exercise greater control on the utilization of 3D printers.


Sketchup Software


You can create a 3D object very easily by using the Sketchup software. It has created an ecosystem so that the software can be used very easily. Users can download various kinds of plugins in order to get various kinds of objects. In 2013, a large set of repositories were created by the software developer and you can easily customize the software as per your requirements.

It is easy to find, install and update plugins. All these operations can be performed in an effortless manner. Extension Warehouse has become a modern app store. It is filled with all kinds of lists, user reviews and downloads statistics. You can follow the procedure very easily through introductory videos. There are more tools to turn your 2D sketches into 3D creations. If you go for SketchUp Pro, you can create full-fledged drawings from the 3D models. You can create better annotations as well.




Blender which is developed by Blender Foundation is a free and open source 3D modeling software. The product is best suited for various kinds of 3D visualizations and designs. You can accomplish animation, modeling, Texturing and rendering operations quite comfortably. The features that are presented with the software are comparable to highly sophisticated 3D design software. You can create various animation suites by using the Blender. The product which is developed under the General Public License will guarantee users to go through the software and they can share and modify the software as per their requirements.



tinkercad logo

Tinkercad as the slogan says, ‘mind to design in minutes’ is really user-friendly software. The CAD model that is present in the software can be converted into 3D printer. It is easy to learn the software in three simple steps. You can place various readily available shapes and those shapes can be scaled as per your requirements.

The shape can be customized as per your requirements. It is possible to create intricate shapes as well by going through the step by step process. If you are new to the 3D printing world, you can certainly explore the software as you can tinker with it in various ways to produce diverse objects.



openscad logo

By using OpenScad you can create 3D solid CAD objects. You can download the software and install on your PC. Even though it is not an interactive modeler as a compiler, it gives more power for the programmers. The software is available for various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The software has the capability to extrude forms that are already created through AutoCAD (.DXF files). You can create 3D .stl files which can be used on 3D printer. You should have patience to work with the software as it might take a few minutes or objects to render an object. The current stable release is 2013.01.



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