3D Printing – The Technology Behind

3D Printing is intended to produce three dimensional objects. When you print at a price of paper with ordinary printing machine, you can find text or images whose dimensions are available in horizontal and vertical directions only. That means you will get print-out in x and y angles. On the other hand, when you use a 3D printer, you will be able to print in the third dimension, z axis as well. In order to produce 3 dimensional objects special kinds of printers, printing materials and computer software will be used.



3D printing will start with the creation of a digital file that contains the information to print the 3D object. The object will be divided into a number of layers. The digital file can be created through 3D simulation software. It can also be generated by scanning a 3D object through a 3D scanner. The file contains the instructions to print the 3D object. When you load the digital file into the 3D printing machine, the 3 dimensional objects will be printed.


Current Technologies

There are various kinds of 3D printing machines and various 3D printing technologies.

• Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer is similar to 3D inkjet printer. There will be an additional axis which will deposit the melted material that is pumped through a nozzle.

• Stereolithography (SLA) is another 3D printer technology which was first deployed in a commercial 3D printer. The ultraviolet laser beam will be focused on a surface that is made up of photopolymer (in liquid form). As the light hits on the layer, the layer will be hardened. The object will be created slice after slice and the complete objected can be lifted at the end of the printing.

• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is similar to SLA. The only difference is that the material used will be in powder form instead of the liquid form used in SLA. Some of the powder forms that can be used as material for printing include nylon, glass, steel, titanium, aluminum and silver.



3D printing has great potential to change the way we live in the current generation and in the future. It will have an impact on the manufacturing industry, product availability, art, innovation, medicine, construction and various other branches of science.


Main developments

The 3D printing has changed the printing Eco system. It is possible to create small parts and products instantly. The 3D printing is going to change every aspect of the industry and the way we live in the future. The blueprints of products can be generated instantly so that businessmen can project the goods that are going to be manufactured in future in a better way. By applying the right kind of thought process, 3D printing can be used in almost any kind of branch of science or art. The gap between the generation of new ideas and the realization of the product will be minimal with the introduction of 3D printing machines. You can certainly make the most through 3D printing machines by using them in productive ways.


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