3D Printer to the Doctor’s and Boy’s Rescue

The technology which was intended to be used in the manufacturing sector has given life to a boy. The research on 3D printing is going at a great pace and number of companies is involved in the 3D printing research domain. Even though the development of technology is explored for a certain purpose, there is nothing wrong to use the same for the welfare of mankind. If a technology can increase your quality of life or extend the life expectancy, it will be a great joy. Such kinds of technologies are worthy technologies and are recommended to be pursued in a vigorous manner.


Story of Kaiba Gionfriddo

As per reports, Kaiba Gionfriddo, a little boy was born with a defect in the airway. The airway would collapse on a continual basis. There was no hope from the doctors and it was difficult to keep him alive. In such dire situation, doctors took an unusual step, a first of its kind to print an artificial airway by using a 3D printer. The doctors were quite successful to insert the small part of the throat. The boy is able to breathe normally. Thus, 3D printing technology can change the lives of people all over the world.



At the beginning, 3D printer was coined to produce sample parts. It was designed to produce prototypes so that businesses can take forward their business at a great pace. By printing a small replica of a huge part, it is possible to understand the usefulness and properties of objects. It will be a great boon for construction and manufacturing industry. Hence, 3D printing technology was pursued in a vigorous manner.

As the days go by, 3D printing technology is being used in various fields. In the coming days, no branch of science or art will be untouched by the 3D printing technology. It is quite easy to print new objects of your choice. For example, there are enthusiasts to print guns in their own homes. If you have a flair for art, you will be able to produce a variety of articles. As was the case with Kaiba Gionfriddo, there will be number of uses with the 3D printing technologies.


Future developments

The 3D printing technology is poised to be used in various kinds of fields. It is being coined to produce designer clothing, designer glasses, designer shoes and designer jewelry. In future, body parts can be prepared in the lab. As there was no time to go for alternative, the doctors were compelled to go for 3D printing in the case of Kaiba Gionfriddo. The success of the operation is established as the boy who was 3 months old when the operation took place is 19 months old at the moment.

3D printing is also explored by NASA to print the food in space whose shelf life will be for about 15 years. By thinking out of the box and giving freedom to the innovators as well as users, the 3D printing technology is poised to grow in leaps and bounds.



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